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Problem solving tests assess an individual's ability to solve complex problems under pressures. Selecting good problem solvers is important if you want to build a proactive and solution orientated team.

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What is a problem-solving test?

A problem-solving test is a pre-employment assessment, used to determine the extent to which a candidate is able to apply their problem-solving abilities.

The test challenges candidates through a series of hypothetical scenarios that look at problem-solving in a professional context. For each scenario, a candidate must conclude the most effective course of action by identifying the problem, weighing up potential approaches, and choosing which they believe will result in the best outcome.

Those that perform well on the problem-solving test have the ability to navigate complex situations, adapt quickly to moving goalposts, and bring fresh ideas to the table - all attributes that make an employee a valuable asset to your organisation.

About the Problem Solving Test

Problem-solving skills are critical to so many job roles. It is the skill set that enables an employee to effectively work towards and achieve personal, team and business objectives. Yet it is among the most difficult skills to assess during recruitment.

Neuroworx's problem-solving test provides a solution. It gives your hiring team a practical and efficient way to test and compare the entire applicant pool - so you can progress those not just with the most impressive resume, but also the most developed and demonstrated problem-solving ability.

Sample Problem Solving Test question Test your knowledge!

You are preparing a summary of monthly accounts for the Finance Director. This financial summary is important as it will inform company spending for the next three months. However, something doesn’t seem right to you. Your summary has to be ready for tomorrow morning.

What would you do?

  • Organize all available financial data into a spreadsheet to analyze line by line, identifying any discrepancies.
  • Share your financial summary with a colleague and ask them to look over what you have prepared.
  • Make a note of what you think may be wrong to include in the report so the Director can look into the issue.
  • Work backwards in scrutinising the monthly accounts to track down what seems to be causing the discrepancy.

Why should you use a problem-solving test for recruitment?

There are very few job roles that do not require at least some degree of problem-solving ability. In a professional setting, solving a problem is essential to achieve a specific goal. An employee must be able to determine the objective, identify any obstacles that stand in the way, and develop workable solutions to overcome them.

Problems may relate to a personal situation like a conflict with a coworker, be project-based like a tight deadline, or apply to business success, such as how to attract new prospects, increase sales, or lower overheads.

In all cases, employers that invest in talented problem solvers are likely to see the benefits of increased collaboration, productivity and innovation.

The difficulty comes in knowing which applicants are in fact, strong problem solvers. It's a skill that can't really be expressed on paper, and while competency-based interview questions might give you greater insight, it is neither time nor cost-effective to interview every single candidate.

By using a problem-solving test as a screening tool, you'll get objective and comparable data for your entire applicant pool. You can then shortlist those candidates that show the most promise, confident in the knowledge that their problem-solving skills meet the standards you're looking for.

Ultimately, a problem-solving test minimises the risk of a bad hire. It can be used for a broad range of roles - in particular, those that involve shifting variables or innovative design, like project management, software development and engineering.

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Results for the Problem Solving Test along with other assessments the candidate takes will be compiled to produce a candidate report.

The report is automatically generated and available both online and as a downloadable pdf so they can be shared with other team members and employees alike.

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How our test assesses problem-solving skills

In Neuroworx's problem-solving skills test, candidates will need to answer a range of questions designed to indicate how well they can solve problems and work under pressure based on a final test score, which can then be compared to the scores of other applicants.

The test presents different problems for the candidates to review before selecting what they believe to be the correct answer. The other available options are mostly generic mistakes or misconceptions, which makes the test challenging and helps measure a candidate's ability more accurately.

During the development process, the test was rigorously analysed to maximise reliability and validity in line with industry best practices. It was created and tested by psychometric experts, and designed to assess interpersonal skills in a sample of job applicants who have varying professional experience.

Each test is reviewed by a panel of individuals representing diverse backgrounds to check for any sensitivity, fairness, face validity and accessibility issues. This ensures each test-taker has a fair chance of demonstrating their true level of interpersonal skills and feels the test is high quality.

Our problem-solving skills test is monitored to ensure it is up-to-date and optimised for performance.

Our test platform

Our platform offers an extensive library of hundreds of tests, giving you the flexibility to select and combine them in any way that suits your hiring needs. From understanding specific role requirements to assessing general cognitive abilities, our diverse library ensures you can tailor your assessment process precisely.

Our test questions come in various formats, including multiple-choice, true and false, ranking and situational judgment, all ensuring comprehensive candidate assessment.
Role-specific simulations.
Experience real-world scenarios with our role-specific simulations, providing accurate insights into candidates' performance, readiness and fit for the position.
Adaptive scoring.
Our adaptive scoring system evaluates responses in real-time, by adjusting to the candidate's ability level, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

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team of experts

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Scientifically validated by psychometric specialists

  • Our team of assessment experts is made up of I/O psychologists, psychometricians, and subject matter experts who work closely together to ensure each test is accurate and reliable.
  • Our subject matter experts are rigorously vetted and typically have several years of experience working in their industries and hold advanced credentials.

Frequently asked questions

How do you measure problem-solving skills?

In addition to Neuroworx's problem-solving test, there are other tools and techniques you can use to measure this highly sought-after skill. These include practical assessments, role-play exercises, group-based tasks and behavioural style interview questions.

What types of problem-solving are there to test?

There are several styles of problem-solving. Some involve logical thinking and some practical thinking, whilst others rely on intuition and social sensitivities. Neuroworx's problem-solving test has been expertly designed to ensure all aspects are covered.

What is the cost for Neuroworx’s problem-solving skills test?

Neuroworx operates on a monthly or annual subscription basis. We have several plans to suit your hiring needs, which you can check out here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss a custom plan.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, sign up (no credit card required) and we'll give you a 7 day trial completely free. You'll get unlimited access to create as many jobs and test as many candidates as you like. You can cancel any time and you won't be charged anything.

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