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Excellence in customer service is often critical for business success. When selecting suitable candidates to represent your organisation, ensuring they possess the requisite skills and unwavering commitment to superior customer service is paramount.

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What is a customer service test?

A customer service test is an assessment tailored to evaluate an individual's proficiency in delivering exceptional customer service.

The test encompasses a broad spectrum of competencies essential for success in customer service roles. It includes evaluating skills such as active listening, problem-solving, empathy, and the capacity to maintain a positive and professional demeanour in various scenarios.

This comprehensive test combines questions that assess understanding and application with a focus on practical customer interactions, ensuring candidates possess the knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in customer service roles.

About the Customer Service Test

The customer service test is meticulously crafted to gauge a candidate's capabilities in delivering exceptional customer service. It goes beyond merely evaluating surface-level skills; it delves deep into a candidate's ability to create memorable customer experiences and effectively manage diverse customer interactions.

To excel on this test, candidates must showcase their knowledge and genuine dedication to providing outstanding customer support. In today's competitive business landscape, customer satisfaction is often the key differentiator, and having a team with exceptional customer service skills is essential.

Sample Customer Service Test question Test your knowledge!

You work as a customer service representative for an online retail company. A customer has just emailed you with a complaint about a damaged product they received. They're upset and want a resolution.

What should you do?

  • Ignore their email and wait to hear from more clients about damaged products before notifying your supervisor.
  • Acknowledge their concerns and offer to send a replacement product or provide a refund, based on their preference.
  • Send a templated response, asking them to wait a few days for a resolution as you look into the issue.
  • Explain that the company has a lengthy procedure in such cases to ensure it's truly the company's fault and not the customer's.

Why should you use a customer service test for recruiting?

When you're inundated with applications for sought-after positions, sifting through candidates to pinpoint the most suitable ones can become a time-consuming ordeal. Even when candidates appear equally qualified on paper, their prowess in providing exceptional customer service can differ significantly.

The customer service test offers a streamlined solution to effectively evaluate a large pool of candidates. It ensures that all candidates face the same standardised assessment, guaranteeing fairness and mitigating selection bias. The quantifiable results generated by the test equip recruiters with objective data to discern top-performing candidates.

Consequently, selecting applicants who meet or exceed your customer service standards becomes more straightforward, frequently leading to more efficient interviews and reduced hiring costs.

The customer service test is a valuable tool when recruiting candidates for diverse customer-facing roles, especially for call centre representatives, customer service agents, and customer care roles.

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Results for the Customer Service Test along with other assessments the candidate takes will be compiled to produce a candidate report.

The report is automatically generated and available both online and as a downloadable pdf so they can be shared with other team members and employees alike.

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How our test assesses customer service skills

In Neuroworx's customer service test, candidates must answer a range of questions in the situational judgement format designed to indicate how well a candidate can follow customer service procedures and establish positive relationships with customers. Their final test score can then be compared to the scores of other applicants.

The test presents a scenario for the candidates to review before selecting what they believe to be the most and least effective actions to take in response. The other options are primarily generic mistakes or misconceptions, making the test challenging and helping measure a candidate's ability more accurately.

The test was rigorously analysed during the development process to maximise reliability and validity in line with industry best practices. It was created and tested by psychometric experts and designed to assess customer service in a sample of job applicants with varying professional experience.

Each test is reviewed by a panel of individuals from diverse backgrounds to check for sensitivity, fairness, face validity and accessibility issues. This ensures each test-taker has a fair chance of demonstrating the accurate level of their customer service skills and feels the test is high quality.

Our customer service test is monitored to ensure it is up-to-date and optimised for performance.

Our test platform

Our platform offers an extensive library of hundreds of tests, giving you the flexibility to select and combine them in any way that suits your hiring needs. From understanding specific role requirements to assessing general cognitive abilities, our diverse library ensures you can tailor your assessment process precisely.

Our test questions come in various formats, including multiple-choice, true and false, ranking and situational judgment, all ensuring comprehensive candidate assessment.
Role-specific simulations.
Experience real-world scenarios with our role-specific simulations, providing accurate insights into candidates' performance, readiness and fit for the position.
Adaptive scoring.
Our adaptive scoring system evaluates responses in real-time, by adjusting to the candidate's ability level, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

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Scientifically validated by psychometric specialists

  • Our team of assessment experts is made up of I/O psychologists, psychometricians, and subject matter experts who work closely together to ensure each test is accurate and reliable.
  • Our subject matter experts are rigorously vetted and typically have several years of experience working in their industries and hold advanced credentials.

Frequently asked questions

What are the five main dimensions of quality customer service?

According to the RATER model, the main facets of quality customer service are Reliability, Assurance, Tangibility, Empathy and Responsiveness. Taking the five dimensions into account, quality customer service needs to be accurate and dependable, professional, understanding of customers’ concerns, responsive to their needs, and conducted in a professional manner.

Why is the situational judgement test format appropriate for assessing customer service skills?

The SJT format presents candidates with realistic, job-related scenarios that closely mimic situations they might encounter in a customer service role. This allows candidates to focus on behaviors and actions, rather than theoretical knowledge, and clearly demonstrate how they would respond to practical challenges.

Can I try the test for free?

Yes. Simply sign up (no credit card is required) and we'll give you unlimited access for seven days. Create as many jobs and test as many candidates as you want; you won't be charged a penny.

What is the cost for Neuroworx's customer service test?

Neuroworx offers monthly or annual subscriptions for businesses of all sizes, so choose one that best fits your needs. You can also contact us to discuss the possibility of a custom plan suited to your specific needs. You can check out our subscription plans here.

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