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Neuroworx is the first integrated HR platform driven by people analytics. Powered by quantifiable assessments, 360-degree reviews and multi-dimensional surveys, we provide unparalleled real-time data to help companies get the most from their teams.

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Our culture

What makes us successful? Our principles


Behind the scenes, our technology might be complex. But our platform is designed to be simple to use. So simple, it should be intuitive.


We don’t know all the answers. In fact, we know very few. We have ideas which we test and let data decide which are good and bad.


Our aim is to place everyone in the right job, all of the time. That’s ambitious, even by our standards.


Different companies have different needs. We understand this and provide a variety of solutions to ensure we’re meeting yours.


Removing bias and hiring based on the ability to do the job is both a founding principle and one that guides us.


We don’t always get it right. However, we own up to our mistakes and ensure we work each day to improve our platform for you.

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