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We’ve combined scientifically validated assessments with our smart ATS to help companies build the workforce of the future.

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Your intelligent all-in-one recruitment platform

This complete package promises a seamless, scientific and systematic approach to hiring the right candidates for your organization.

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It’s time to go beyond CVs

Trusted by over 3,000 companies like Google and Deloitte, our scientifically validated suite provides aptitude, behavior, personality, and skill assessments.

Our platform not only verifies skills but also champions diversity, counters bias, and aligns candidates with your culture.

With 100+ custom tests, instant reporting, and seamless integration, we provide all the assessments you’ll need to employ a data-led recruitment process.

Tina Judic

“After facing issues with overstated resumes, Neuroworx’s assessments have been a revelation. They provide an objective and reliable measure, ensuring every skill and qualification claimed is authentic.”

Tina Judic, CEO, Tomorrow Group

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Recruit beyond your resources

Our smart ATS not only optimizes the recruitment process but also places a premium on candidate experience and data-driven decision-making.

An array of features such as AI job creation, automatic job posting and in-built communications streamline the entire hiring journey.

Together, these elements set a new gold standard for efficient, insight-driven recruitment.

Greg Burgess

“In this fiercely competitive market, Neuroworx provided the strategic edge we needed. With their innovative platform, we're not just getting attention, we’re hiring the best in the industry.”

Greg Burgess, CEO, Reverse Media Group

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Clarity in every hire

Our platform combines advanced data capabilities and powerful visualization tools to drive actionable insights.

We deliver instant, comprehensive reports that highlight candidates' strengths and weaknesses, while also presenting the information through visually engaging charts. This is complemented by a side-by-side comparison feature for effortless candidate evaluation.

Beyond just providing data, we offer clarity and precision in hiring decisions, all underpinned by scientific analysis.

Florence Bundy

“Through objective analytics and unbiased assessment techniques, we've moved beyond the pitfalls of unconscious biases, making our hiring process more equitable and fair.”

Florence Bundy, COO, Found

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Why use Neuroworx?

We understand the challenges faced and provide everything you need to transform how you recruit.

Hire the right talent.
Our platform intelligently sources from diverse pools, verifies skills, promotes inclusive hiring, assesses cultural alignment, and mitigates biases, ensuring a quality fit every time.
Minimize time-to-hire.
Integrated communication, automated scheduling, and organized pipelines combined with rapid screening tools streamline the recruitment process, slashing time-to-hire.
Reduce hiring costs.
Avoid hefty recruiter fees with our cost-effective platform. Precision matching minimizes time investment and curtails expenses from bad hires.

Products designed to help you hire - regardless of your size.

Choose from our standalone Nx Assess or Nx Recruit products, or elevate your hiring with Nx Complete, combining both for unparalleled results.

Nx Assess

Scientifically validated assessments for precision talent matching, promoting diversity, mitigating bias, and aligning with your company culture.

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Nx Recruit

Next-generation ATS for streamlining hiring through automation, data insights, seamless integrations, and an exceptional candidate experience.

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Nx Complete

All-in-one solution offering a smart ATS and integrated assessments to transform talent acquisition into a streamlined, data-driven process.

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Less cost. Less time. Less risk.

We're here to resolve your hiring issues and ensure that every step of the way, we provide the tools you need to succeed.

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We work with thousands of amazing clients

“The platform's dedication to fostering diversity has reshaped our workforce. We're now benefiting from a melting pot of unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that drive innovation.”

Nicholas Twigg
Nicholas Twigg

“With Neuroworx, it's no longer about just hiring; it's about strategic alignment. Their algorithms ensure that our hires not only have the skills but also resonate with our organizational ethos.”

Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman

“Communication is now a two-way street. We're not only reaching out effectively but also receiving invaluable feedback, which has enhanced our candidate relationships manifold.”

Christina Li
Christina Li
HR Director, Cancer Research

“Focusing on data reduced the subjective decision-making from our hiring process and allowed us to reduce bias and make better hiring decisions.”

Izzie Stevens
Izzie Stevens
Head of HR, iZettle

“Personality profiling allowed us to perform lookalike modelling of our most successful employees and use this as a blueprint for new hires.”

Nick Perez
Nick Perez
HR Operations, Airbus

“Their predictive analytics and thorough screening mean we're confident in every hire, substantially reducing the risks and associated costs of potential mismatches.”

Anthony Downie
Anthony Downie
Legal Consel, ITF

“The platform's collaborative tools have streamlined our decision-making process, facilitating cohesion even when multiple stakeholders are involved.”

George Bett
George Bett
Managing Director, Clicksmith

“Their cloud-based platform has allowed us to find talent from every corner of the globe, breaking free from location-based constraints and embracing a truly global talent pool.”

Vitalina Perekhodnova
Vitalina Perekhodnova

“Since implementing Neuroworx our hiring process has been so much less painful. Much of the tedious admin tasks that used to take me days, I can now fully automate!”

Kirsty Hulse
Kirsty Hulse
Founder, Roar

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