Use data to find and hire talent that nobody else can see.

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Find and attract the best talent

Create tailored careers pages, add new positions, and post them on hundreds of job boards.


Demonstrate your brand

Showcase your employer brand and demonstrate what it’s like to work for you with your custom branded careers page.


Organize your recruitment process

Manage applications, move candidates through the process and include your employees to make the best hiring decisions.


Reveal the channels that work

Neuroworx’s sourcing dashboard analyzes each channel and reveals which are yielding the best results.

We used Neuroworx as part of our Finance Graduate Scheme recruitment and it was just what we needed – really simple to send candidates the link to complete and clear to see how they all compared. And great value for money!

Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK
Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK

Every plan includes

All you need to start building your dream teams today.

  • Recruit

    Use data to find talent that nobody else can see

  • Assess

    AI assessments for better talent acquisition

  • Manage

    Manage workflows and automate repetitive tasks

  • Develop

    Take your employees to another level

  • Engage

    Create an environment where your people flourish

  • Integrate

    An all-in-one solution ready to be used

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