Best Recruiting Apps For Talent Sourcing

January 30, 2023

best recruiting apps for talent sourcing

Technology has brought increased efficiency to many business processes, and recruitment is no different. With the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline your talent sourcing efforts and push qualified candidates further through the recruitment pipeline at speed.

What’s more, you give a new generation of talent the candidate experience it expects - 89% of today’s jobseekers see their mobile device as a crucial tool in the job hunting process.

As recruitment apps are so beneficial there’s no shortage of them on the market, and as an employer or hiring team, it can be a challenge to know what tech to invest in.

Our list of the 10 best recruitment apps for talent sourcing is a good place to start.

1. Jobvite

From its candidate messaging services to its all-in-one talent acquisition suite, Jobvite offers a range of products to hiring organizations.

For talent sourcing in particular, its Source and CRM tool lets you pull applications from multiple sources into a single database, segment candidates and send personalized communications to increase engagement.

Integrating this with Jobvite’s applicant tracking system gives you the tools for task automation, collaboration, workflow configuration, smart scheduling and much more. It also allows you to track performance with talent acquisition metrics.

Jobvite’s range of compatible tools make this a flexible, scalable option. Be aware though that it does position itself as an enterprise solution, so may not be accessible to smaller businesses.

2. Monster


Monster is one of the biggest job sites around, and whilst more commonly seen as a resource for candidates, it also offers a range of tools for hiring organizations.

Employers can access thousands of pre-written job descriptions and post vacancies to both Monster itself and its partner job boards. Job ads will also be emailed directly to candidates on Monster’s database that match the required criteria.

Email alerts are sent when suitable applications come in, with candidates rated and scored so you can quickly identify top talent. You can also search Monster’s candidate database yourself to find passive talent that might be the ideal fit.

You can choose Monster’s single-use package or sign up for one of its subscription plans depending on your hiring needs.

3. Glassdoor

Whether you have immediate recruitment needs or not, Glassdoor is a site to be aware of and active on. That’s because it’s one of the primary sources job seekers turn to learn more about your company.

With the Glassdoor app, you can get proactive with your employer brand. As well as candidate and employee reviews left for both your company and hiring process, you can tell your own story through an optimized company profile, and run talent sourcing ads.

With both a free and paid plan on offer, if you want to attract top-quality candidates it’s well worth building your reputation through this app.

4. Interviewer Assistant

Interviewer Assistant is a scheduling tool and interview resource that makes for a more productive and more efficient selection process.

You can set up an interview schedule (for both telephone and video interviews) and send it to candidates for them to pick the time and date that works best with their own commitments.

You can also set up and send screening questionnaires and pre-interview assessments, as well as access a bank of over 250 template interview questions. To help with shortlisting, you can rate candidates within the app.

Interviewer Assistant has three price tiers for small, medium and large teams, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

5. Test Candidates

With Test Candidates you get a centralized solution to easily screen and compare job applicants, helping you source the best possible talent for your organization.

This app makes it easy to administer aptitude, behavioral, skills and personality tests at scale and collect insightful candidate metrics. You can also improve the candidate experience by automating tasks like alerts and test reminders.

There are three annual price plans available to suit varying recruitment needs. Test Candidates also offers an open API so you can easily integrate it with other tools in your recruitment tech-stack.

6. LinkedIn Recruiter

With over 900 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, so it makes sense that it offers one of the best apps for talent sourcing.

LinkedIn Recruiter is packed full of features and functionality. You get more job ad visibility with notifications and emails sent to suitable candidates and can conduct advanced talent searches yourself across the entire network, as well as receiving candidate recommendations based on your specified criteria.

InMail messaging lets you engage with talent fast, and you can prioritize those most likely to respond using the ‘Open to Work’ filter. You can also manage selection through its applicant tracking system and access insightful metrics.

7. Shapr


Shapr is a little different in that it's not so much an app for recruitment but a social network for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Using machine learning and algorithms, Shapr matches user profiles with similar interests, making it easy to find and engage with like-minded individuals.

It's a unique approach to sourcing - more of a way to make useful connections that may be interested in any future employment opportunities. Because of this, and because of its social networking concept, it is best used by owners of small businesses and startups looking to build a diverse talent pipeline.

8. Calendly

Calendly helps you find the best talent in your applicant pool faster by streamlining the interview process.

You can set up schedules for everything from pre-screening phone calls to multi-stage interviews, allocate interview resources using the Load Balancing function, and build interviewer panels based on certain attributes.

On the candidate's side, they’re able to self-schedule at a time convenient to them.

Calendly workflows automate manual tasks like candidate follow-ups and confirmations, and whilst not a recruitment app in itself it does integrate with a number of sourcing solutions, including the LinkedIn network.

9. Workday

Workday’s talent acquisition solution covers every step of the recruitment process, from workforce planning to candidate onboarding.

You can source talent through custom campaigns and landing pages, share recommended vacancies with job seekers and simplify the application process.

You can also pull all relevant tasks and resources into one centralized hub to streamline activity and reduce time-to-hire. Essentially, it gives you everything you need for talent sourcing, processing and management.

As part of its broader enterprise resource planning solution, Workday’s offering is aimed at medium to large-scale businesses.

10. HireVue

Last on our list of the best recruitment apps for talent sourcing is HireVue, another enterprise-level software solution that brings increased efficiency to candidate screening.

With HireVue you get tools for interview scheduling, SMS recruitment campaigns and chat-based job matching, as well as a platform for both live and on-demand video interviews.

Its interview builder helps you create custom-structured interviews for a broad range of roles and employment levels, and you can pre-qualify candidates using its psychometric tests and skills assessments.

HireVue also integrates with most applicant tracking systems, keeping all key stakeholders up to date.

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