Best QuickBooks Interview Questions To Ask A Candidate

June 30, 2023

best quickbooks interview questions to ask a candidate

QuickBooks is a vital software for a myriad of businesses across the globe. It is a dependable system used for managing sales, inventory, payroll, and other necessary day-to-day business operations.

Accordingly, hiring a proficient QuickBooks professional to manage your finances is a strategic move that can significantly shape your business' success.

To ensure that you choose the right candidate, we have prepared an extensive list of the best QuickBooks interview questions you should ask, along with the reasons why these questions are vital.

1. Can you explain your experience with QuickBooks?

This question helps the interviewer understand the candidate's level of experience with QuickBooks, a widely used accounting software.

It can provide insight into the range of tasks the candidate has performed using the software, and their overall comfort level with it.

2. How familiar are you with handling bank reconciliation in QuickBooks?

Bank reconciliation is an important accounting task that involves matching the transactions listed on bank statements with those recorded in the accounting software.

The candidate's familiarity with this process in QuickBooks can highlight their competency in performing essential financial tasks and their attention to detail.

3. What steps do you take to back up data in QuickBooks?

Data backup is crucial to prevent data loss and ensure business continuity. This question tests the candidate's understanding of QuickBooks' backup procedures and their awareness of the importance of regular data backups.

4. Can you explain how to record sales tax in QuickBooks?

Recording sales tax accurately is crucial for financial reporting and tax compliance. The candidate's ability to explain this process can demonstrate their understanding of both QuickBooks functionality and general sales tax accounting.

5. How would you manage vendor payments in QuickBooks?

best quickbooks interview questions to ask a candidate

This question is designed to assess the candidate's familiarity with handling accounts payable within QuickBooks.

It can reveal their understanding of the software's vendor payment features and their ability to manage this key aspect of financial operations.

6. Have you used QuickBooks to create financial reports?

This question gauges the candidate's familiarity with the reporting features in QuickBooks. Financial reports are critical for tracking business performance, so it's important for candidates to demonstrate their ability to create, customize, and interpret such reports.

7. Can you explain how to set up inventory in QuickBooks?

Inventory management is a crucial aspect for businesses dealing with tangible goods. This question assesses the candidate's understanding of how to manage inventory within QuickBooks, including setting up new items, tracking quantity, and recording purchases and sales.

8. What experience do you have with troubleshooting QuickBooks performance issues?

This question seeks to understand the candidate's problem-solving skills in relation to QuickBooks. It indicates their experience with resolving common issues such as slow performance, data corruption, or networking problems.

This will be especially important if there is no dedicated IT support for QuickBooks in the organization.

9. How would you use QuickBooks to track billable hours?

For businesses that invoice based on time spent, such as consultancies or service providers, this question is crucial. The answer will show the candidate's experience with using QuickBooks' time tracking features and their ability to efficiently bill clients for hours worked.

10. How do you process payroll in QuickBooks?

best quickbooks interview questions to ask a candidate

This question is relevant if the business uses QuickBooks for payroll processing. The candidate should demonstrate familiarity with setting up employee information, managing deductions, calculating payroll taxes, and running payroll.

A clear answer to this question indicates the candidate's readiness to manage these tasks, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity from the onset.

11. What is the process of importing and exporting data in QuickBooks?

This question helps to understand if the candidate is familiar with moving data into and out of QuickBooks.

They may need to import data from other software systems or export data for reporting or analysis in other tools.

Their ability to do this efficiently can save the company time and reduce errors.

12. How do you manage class tracking for transactions in QuickBooks?

Class tracking is a QuickBooks feature that allows the categorization of income and expenses into different "classes."

This is crucial for businesses that need to track income and expenses for different departments, locations, or projects.

This question assesses whether the candidate understands how to use this feature to provide valuable financial insights.

13. How would you handle invoice discrepancies in QuickBooks?

This question tests the candidate's problem-solving skills and their proficiency in managing accounts receivable in QuickBooks.

Invoicing is a critical business function, and discrepancies can lead to financial loss or strained business relationships.

The candidate's approach to handling these discrepancies can show their attention to detail and commitment to financial accuracy.

14. Can you print cheques from QuickBooks?

The ability to print checks directly from QuickBooks can streamline the accounts payable process.

This question will help determine if the candidate is familiar with this feature and can manage it effectively.

Their knowledge can simplify the payment process and reduce errors associated with manual check writing.

15. Can you describe a challenging accounting problem you've solved using QuickBooks?

This question seeks to understand the candidate's problem-solving skills and their practical experience with QuickBooks.

How they have handled challenging situations in the past can give you insight into how they might handle similar situations in the future. This also gives the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills beyond the basic operation of QuickBooks.

Is there another way to assess QuickBooks skills?

Using a QuickBooks skills test offers an additional layer of assessment that is data-driven and objective.

A QuickBooks skills test provides a standardized evaluation process that ensures consistent and fair assessment across all candidates.

It eliminates biases and subjectivity that may be present in interview evaluations, allowing employers to compare candidates objectively based on their performance in the test.

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