Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to examine how adept candidates are at dealing with a range of different mathematical problems under time pressure.

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What is a numerical reasoning test and what does it measure?

A numerical reasoning test provides an employer with an opportunity to assess the skills of a candidate in dealing with mathematical problems during the early stages of recruitment. The challenge is often more related to time pressure than the inherent difficulty of the questions.

Basic maths calculations are needed to do well in the test. Numerical reasoning questions include ratios, fractions and percentages – as well as the interpretation of numerical data and analysis of tables and graphs.

As a result of assessments being timed, numerical ability tests are also a good measure of how well an individual works under pressure. Questions are often framed within a typical business-like scenario to create a realistic context for candidates.

About the Numerical Reasoning Test

Tests like numerical reasoning help businesses ensure candidates have the required maths skills to meet role requirements during the application process. Numerical reasoning tests are particularly popular in the finance industry for roles such as accountants, business analysts and data scientists.

Approximately 75% of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric tests like numerical reasoning assessments to improve their recruitment process and quality of hire. This is because they are data-driven and use comparative data to find the best talent within a talent pool.

Sample Numerical Reasoning Test question Test your knowledge!

What's the difference in the number of pupils that chose water between the schools?

  • 98
  • 102
  • 113
  • 103

Why should you use a numerical test for recruiting?

It can be difficult to know if a candidate has the required numerical skills simply by reviewing a resume or application. Candidates might have a biased view of their abilities, which is why the traditional resume is not an ideal data source to solely base hiring on.

Online tests such as aptitude assessments give you quantitative data with the addition of comparative test scores with other applicants, so you can identify your top performers. This helps improve the quality of your hire and reduce hiring bias.

The multiple-choice questions are based on the particulars of a given job function, such as calculating ROI or estimating ratios. This gives an employer a realistic insight into how an applicant might perform in the role they are applying for.

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Results for the Numerical Reasoning Test along with other assessments the candidate takes will be compiled to produce a candidate report.

The report is automatically generated and available both online and as a downloadable pdf so they can be shared with other team members and employees alike.

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The format of the Neuroworx numerical reasoning test

Candidates will be required to answer 9 questions in 10 minutes. A timer is displayed through the user interface so candidates are aware of how much remaining time they have.

The questions are presented in a multiple-choice format and you can expect a range of topics that cover various aspects of the candidates' numerical understanding.

Common questions include currency conversion, estimations (usually through graphs) percentages and data interpretation, where the candidate might be required to make an inference based on the information available.

There is typically one correct answer and three distractors – response options purposefully similar to the correct answer but incorrect. Candidates get one point for every correct response and will not be marked down for any incorrect answers.

Once candidates complete the test, you will be notified and receive their raw score: that is, the number of correct answers, which will then be measured against a comparable pool of job applicants that have taken the test.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I try the test for free?

Yes. All you need to do is click the 'view example' button to get a preview of a test. You'll be able to see a mix of questions, so you can get a flavour of what candidates can expect.

Can I mix the numerical reasoning test with other tests?

Yes. You can combine multiple tests to create a pre-employment package that meets all of your organisation and hiring requirements.

What is the cost for Neuroworx's numerical reasoning test?

Neuroworx offers monthly or annual subscriptions for businesses of all sizes, so choose the one that best fits your needs. You can also contact us to discuss the possibility of a custom plan suited to your specific requirements. You can check out our subscription plans here.

Which jobs is the numerical reasoning test relevant for?

Numerical reasoning tests are relevant for a number of jobs, but are particularly popular in the financial industry to test candidates for accountancy, tax and other financial positions.

Many roles require numerical reasoning skills, so it is not uncommon to find them in assessments for business and data analysts, cashiers, sales managers and more.

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