How Airbus built more collaborative teams by personality profiling

Airbus has large teams of very talented employees, but getting the right mix of employees to get the best out of the teams is not always a simple task.

Airbus used Test Candidate’s personality profiling and behavioural analysis tests to Find out more about the existing employees and reveal opportunities for improving how they work together. The results were used to adjust both the existing team structure and the focus of new recruitment drives.

Creating lookalikes and filling gaps

By testing existing employees across more than 20 personality traits, Airbus was able to build a clear picture of its employees and notice patterns of those employees that were particularly successful. Using these findings, they could then employ lookalike modelling in their recruitment process to find employees with matching traits.

Likewise, the testing revealed skill gaps in existing teams. These gaps were either filled by intra-team transfers or with new, targeted recruitment drives.

Personality profiling allowed us to perform lookalike modelling of our most successful employees and use this as a blueprint for new hires.

Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain
Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain


Airbus is the world's largest airliner manufacturer. It designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aerospace products worldwide and manufactures aircraft in the European Union and various other countries. The company has three divisions: Commercial Aircraft, Defence and Space, and Helicopters, the third being the largest in its industry in terms of revenues and turbine helicopter deliveries.




Madrid, Spain


Aerospace, Defence

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