How Talent Assessments Can Optimize Your Advertising Budget

November 07, 2023

How Talent Assessments Can Optimize Your Advertising Budget

In the quest for top-tier talent, recruitment advertising is indispensable. Yet, the dilemma every HR professional faces is how to allocate their advertising budget most effectively. Talent assessments, not often linked directly to advertising decisions, can be the secret weapon to achieve this.

Talent Assessments: More Than Just Skill Metrics

Traditionally, talent assessments gauge the qualifications and fit of potential employees. However, their utility stretches beyond that:

  • Predictive Analysis: These assessments can forecast which candidates are likely to stay longer and perform better, ensuring advertising spends target the most relevant platforms and demographics.
  • Reduced Turnover: By hiring the right fit the first time around, companies can reduce costly turnover, indirectly reducing the need for constant job advertising.

Allocating Budget Based on Quality, Not Quantity

The age-old adage "quality over quantity" rings especially true in recruitment advertising. Talent assessments help emphasize this by:

Identifying Successful Platforms

Assess where your top-performing hires discovered your postings. If a significant portion originates from a specific platform, it warrants a larger slice of your advertising budget.

Reducing Over-Saturation

With insights from assessments, companies can determine which job boards or platforms yield candidates that perform well in assessments, thereby avoiding overspending on platforms that only provide quantity without quality.

Refining Job Ad Content

Talent assessments can provide insights into what qualities and skills thrive in specific roles. This information can:

  • Craft Targeted Ads: With knowledge of the desired skills and traits, job ads can be tailored to attract the right candidates, reducing unnecessary application volume.
  • Enhance SEO and Reach: Use insights from assessments to include keywords in job descriptions, optimizing visibility on job boards.

Monitoring and Adjusting in Real-Time

The dynamic nature of the job market means strategies must adapt. Regularly correlate advertising spends with the quality of candidates (as determined by assessments) to:

  • Adjust Platform Allocations: If one platform underperforms over a few months, reallocate its budget to a higher-performing one.
  • Refine Ad Content: If certain skills or traits become more crucial, update job ads to reflect this, ensuring they attract relevant candidates.

Ensuring Cost-Efficiency in the Long Run

Over time, leveraging talent assessment data for advertising decisions can lead to substantial cost savings:

  • Lower Cost-Per-Hire: By targeting the right platforms and crafting effective ads, companies can reduce the cost associated with attracting each quality candidate.
  • Enhanced Employer Brand: Hiring the right talent consistently, thanks to optimized advertising, bolsters a company's employer brand, leading to organic reach and reduced advertising needs.

A Symbiotic Relationship

Marrying talent assessments with advertising budget decisions creates a powerful synergy. While assessments fine-tune the hiring process, their insights can be channeled to optimize advertising spends, ensuring every dollar works as hard as possible to attract the creme de la creme of talent.

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