10 Great Welcome Package Ideas For New Employees

September 22, 2022

10 great welcome package ideas for new employees

A welcome package is a gift carefully created to welcome new members to a team. It often consists of items that align with the company's values, image and culture.

Different companies will include different items, however, it is common to receive company swag, gift cards, welcome messages and anything else to make the new employee feel welcomed.

The benefit of a welcome package is an inclusive way to support new employees, helping them feel settled and start on a positive note. It can also help them feel seen and valued from their first day.

Another benefit is supporting the new employee in areas which they could find difficult. This could be done by including a map of the office or useful information to make their day run smoother.

1. Company swag

One thing to include in a welcome package is company swag. A few examples of this could include stickers, pens or notepads which contain the company logo. Giving new employees stationery with the logo on it helps to make them feel like part of the team.

As well as stationery, some companies include everyday essentials such as reusable water bottles, keyrings or a lanyard. These extend when the employee is representing the company and increase inclusivity.

2. Handwritten note from the CEO

10 great welcome package ideas for new employees

Some companies include a handwritten note from the CEO in their welcome packages. Whilst normally everything is done through email, a handwritten note can feel very personal and welcoming.

A message from the CEO can show a clear representation of the company’s values, as it implies that the leadership team is involved and not just behind a locked door being unapproachable.

It is also a humbling experience to feel connected to the person at the top, removing the intimidation which can often come from the boss.

3. Gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant

Small gifts such as gift cards are a very sweet gesture. It can inform the new employee of the nearby coffee shops or restaurants, as well as offer them a small treat.

This also helps local companies stay in business, putting money back into the neighborhood and supporting the community. Building links between a company and the community can also have a positive effect on employees' wellbeing, encouraging them to build on the bonds and enjoy their work day.

Many people see gift-giving as an expression of gratitude and appreciation. Receiving a gift card completely unrelated to the company would embrace these feelings.

4. Copy of the company's values and mission statement

A company’s values and mission statements are often the most important parts of a company. Including a copy of them in the welcome package will help ensure the new employee understands what is expected and can easily align themselves with them.

This is also a way of helping employees understand the company culture which they can refer back to if they ever need to. Many employers also use it as inspiration and motivation for employees to keep striving and working towards their goals.

5. A list of helpful contacts and login details

A must for any welcome pack is a list of helpful contacts and login details. There is nothing worse than starting a new job and not knowing who to contact if your computer breaks or how to log in to the essential software the company runs on.

Many people may feel nervous or overwhelmed on their first day, reducing the chance of asking a stranger for help. Including a list assures new employees that they have the answers they need.

6. Tour of the office or facility, if applicable

For businesses still running in a large office space, it’s crucial to offer an office tour to all new employees on their first day. This could be completed by a mentor, manager or administration.

Knowing where the printers are, the bathrooms and even the coffee maker can make employees feel calm and relaxed on their first day.

This can also benefit the company, if an employee isn’t aware of meeting rooms, there is a higher chance of disruptions or timing delays.

7. Personalized welcome video

In a similar way to a handwritten note, a welcome video is a personalized and unique way of being welcomed. If a company is currently working remotely or using a hybrid situation, a welcome video could be the best way of expressing that warm welcome and making the new employee feel valued and included.

A personalized welcome video can also be a suitable method of ensuring staff is properly welcomed at a time that suits them. It can be less overwhelming than a direct conversation and can be saved to revisit when the employee needs to recap some vital information.

8. "Welcome to the Company" social media post

welcome package ideas

Social media is a huge part of most people’s lives. Adding a short post to welcome individuals to the company can have a very positive effect. It shows more than just the employee and others inside the company that they are valued, but reflects it onto the company’s social media followers.

Many believe expressing something online can have more influence as it is being declared to a larger audience.

9. Gift basket filled with local goodies

Another warm gesture to include in a welcome package is a gift basket of local goodies. This has the same positive effect on the local community as well as helping new employees feel appreciated with a gift.

A gift basket could range from snacks and nibbles to mugs, socks or even tea bags. The content of the basket is irrelevant, however the idea of gift-giving to express warmth and inclusion is the priority.

10. Financial contribution to home working setup

As more companies transition to remote work, it is vital employees have the correct devices. Businesses are sending laptops, tablets and phones to their employees making sure they have exactly what they need to work comfortably from home.

Some companies have shown support by offering phone plans when they need their employees on a large number of phone calls, or offering a financial contribution to ensure they have a stable and reliable internet connection.

By doing this, employees feel appreciated and included even if they aren’t in the office working face to face.

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