Using science to find the perfect hire

Brush up on the science behind identifying and hiring the best talent to gain a deeper understanding of the best practices in recruitment.

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What’s Inside?

With employees leaving their jobs in droves during the Great Resignation, and the rise in remote work broadening the talent pool in surprising ways, how do you ensure you are hiring the best talent? In this white paper, we’ll summarise an evidence-based approach to hiring, highlighting the best tests for predicting job performance and covering the following topics:

  • How to define success for a job role
  • How to efficiently predict job success
  • How to select and combine tests
  • How to make the most of your tests

What is science based hiring?

science based hiring

Science based hiring is a recruitment approach that uses data-driven insights to better identify job candidates.

This technique leverages the power of technology and science to ensure that employers are selecting and hiring people who possess the right skills, knowledge, experience and attitude for any given role.

How does science based hiring work?

It works by assessing job seekers through their resumes, cover letters and other application materials, as well as interviews and tests.

The basic idea behind science based hiring is to create a more objective way of judging potential employees.

By using data rather than personal opinions or biases, employers can make decisions that are more likely to be successful in the long run. They also have access to a much broader range of information about each candidate's background which helps them evaluate their suitability for the job in question more accurately.

Which companies use science based hiring?

Science based hiring is a process used by some of the most successful companies in the world. By using this method of recruitment, organizations can ensure they get the best and most qualified candidates for their open positions.

Some of the top companies that use science-based hiring include Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle Corporation.

The ultimate goal for these companies is to ensure a good fit between job seekers and jobs so that everyone involved will be satisfied with the results.

Why is science based hiring important?

Science based hiring uses both science and technology to optimize the recruitment process, enabling employers to match job seekers with roles that are best suited for them.

By taking into account factors like work experience, education history, skillset, and personality traits through assessments and surveys, science-based hiring can help employers make better decisions when it comes to selecting new employees.

What are the benefits of science based hiring?

Science based hiring has been shown to improve organizational performance by increasing diversity, reducing bias and improving decision making.

The primary benefit of science-based hiring is that it can help employers make better decisions when selecting candidates.

By using objective data points such as cognitive tests, personality assessments and structured interviews, employers can identify the best potential employees for their position without relying on potentially biased judgement or intuition.

Additionally, this kind of evidence-based approach allows organizations to develop a comprehensive profile of each candidate which helps them make informed decisions about who will be most successful in the role.

Examples of science based hiring

One popular method used in science based hiring are using digital assessments.

These assessments provide insight into an applicant's abilities, preferences and characteristics by asking them questions about themselves, how they'd handle different workplace scenarios and a series of problem-solving tests. This information can help employers accurately determine if someone will be a good fit for the position being offered.

Additionally, assessments can also reveal potential strengths and weaknesses that may not be visible during a traditional interview process.

Read more about science based hiring in our white paper.

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Using science to find the perfect hire

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