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Behavioral science:
the foundation of accurate hiring

We don't just offer questionnaires; we offer scientifically validated assessments meticulously curated by certified psychometricians. These assessments use the principles of industrial-organizational psychology and undergo rigorous validation processes for high predictive accuracy. Our platform's science-backed approach consistently yields better hiring decisions than traditional methods, providing both precision and a human-centric focus.

Dynamic AI & ethical algorithms: keeping pace with your needs

In the rapidly evolving job market, static solutions just won't cut it. That's why our supervised A.I. and machine learning algorithms are designed to adapt to your ever-changing organizational needs and the broader talent ecosystem. These capabilities analyze a plethora of carefully selected evidence-based factors to generate multi-dimensional profiles for each candidate and augment human decisions. The result is a streamlined and insight-rich process that stays agile and relevant.

Truly personalized assessments: job-specific sourcing and selection

Standardized assessments can miss the nuances that make each candidate unique and are often generalized beyond contexts for which they have empirical support. Neuroworx's evidence-based approach recommends job descriptions and relevant tests with intricate and precise mapping of our extensive test suite onto the world’s largest occupational database. This level of customization provides more accurate and insightful selection criteria, making sure you don't overlook the perfect fit for your organization.

Transparent, actionable insights: making complex data accessible

While our technology is advanced, we believe that you shouldn't need a Ph.D. to understand your hiring metrics. Our user-friendly dashboard distills complex data and findings into actionable insights presented in a clean, intuitive format, making your decision-making process simpler and more informed.

Expanding the Scientific Horizons of Hiring

At Neuroworx, we go beyond traditional methods by deeply embedding multi-disciplinary scientific principles and research into our hiring platform. This rigorous approach strengthens our assessments, fine-tunes the selection process, and offers a more holistic view of potential hires. Here's how we do it:

Cognitive & neuroscientific approaches

To understand each candidate's decision-making, problem-solving, attention, and perception, our platform integrates principles from cognitive science, ensuring strong response rates, accurate test results, and accessibility for all candidates.

People analytics & organizational psychology

Our team of subject matter experts, psychometricians, and organizational psychologists is on a mission to build and continuously improve tools that elevate your hiring game, enhancing performance, reducing turnover, and optimizing engagement.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Automate and enrich the resume scanning and application sorting processes with our advanced NLP capabilities, which efficiently summarize key information in an ethical and supervised manner to reduce your workload and bolster your decision-making capacity.

Candidate experience & employer branding

The recruitment process is often a candidate’s first opportunity to interact with your brand. With job-relevant, compact assessments and a seamless testing experience, Neuroworx allows you to put your best foot forward from the start.

Diversity, inclusion & belonging

How well will your new hire integrate into your company culture and contribute to its evolution? Our insights into unique candidate characteristics, motivations, interests, and values enable you to find the right person for the job and help them succeed post-hire.

Global talent & cross-cultural psychology

For organizations with a diverse or global workforce, we offer assessments that are culturally sensitive, allowing you to navigate the complex variables that come with cross-cultural hiring and provide each candidate with a fair opportunity to demonstrate their true ability.

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