Everything You Need to Know About Business Culture and Attracting Talent

July 09, 2020

Business Culture

Is your business attracting as much talent as you would like? Are you attracting top talent? Today the recruitment scene is fiercely competitive thus business leaders and recruiters now have to continue wondering how to not only attract the best talent but also retain it. More and more businesses do come to the realization that the answer might lie within the company culture since employees are more keen to apply for jobs where they know the company culture lines up with their values. Thus companies are wise to understand that a positive company culture might be one of their best marketing strategies when attracting talent.

Things aren't about salaries anymore. More and more employees admit that a high salary wouldn't be enough to convince them to apply for a job within a company with poor internal culture. Highly skilled workforce now puts a bigger emphasis on workplace equality and diversity. Companies that want to set themselves apart as forward-thinking and progressive now need to realign their values to match the current workplace trends in order to attract top talent.

Business and Company Culture

Every business operates thanks to a mix of different parts. It's an intricate apparatus where the perfect balance between the human and technology aspect needs to be achieved. In order to function well, company culture constantly needs to be nurtured and developed further.

While originally business culture reflects the beliefs and values of founding members, it's not unusual to see a change in that over time. That said, every business needs a foundation that clearly states what behaviors, values, and actions are accepted and what are not. This essentially creates the company culture.

Younger generations joining the workforce excel not only in a remarkable ability to pick up new key skills and methods of problem solving but also in the fact that they in particular are very selective of who they work for. Companies wanting to attract this talent need to be able to offer a desirable environment to work in.

How to Have Compelling Company Culture


Unless you have a clear business strategy that sets you apart from others within the industry, you are less likely to attract top talent. A clear business strategy will highlight the ways in which your company operates and also what role it plays among competitors. Being able to clearly communicate that will benefit your search for highly talented employees.

Core values

Practice what you preach. A set of core values and being able to follow them go hand in hand. There is no point in advertising your goals to achieve, change, or affect A, B, and C unless you follow that through in your actions. In order to retain top talent, companies must not only have a set of core values but also follow through on the promise.

Offer options for growth

It's simply not enough to grow as a business without nurturing your talent. Learning and development becomes increasingly more important when employees consider job opportunities. Unless they achieve support from within the company, they are more likely to turn their attention elsewhere.

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