How RMG transformed their hiring with a data-led approach

As a data-led business that uses AI, machine learning and data in all our business units, we were looking for a more scientific approach to our hiring too. We’d used cv screening tech, matching automation and number of other talent acquisition tools, but none of them delivered on par with our expectations.

We introduced Neuroworx into our hiring tech stack last year and it’s been fantastic for us. We use it as just one part of our talent acquisition, but it’s really transformed how we hire and we’re becoming increasingly reliant on it.

It’s not just data, but actionable data

The data we get from Neuroworx is extremely granular - it helps us get a strong indication of the capabilities of our applicants, along with whether they’ll fit in with the team and our values as a company as a whole.

It’s all very easy-to-digest though which means that rather than providing decision paralysis, it actually gives a very clear picture from which we can make better hiring decisions. This has vastly improved our hiring over the past year and has now allowed us to proudly say that talent acquisition is not just aligned with the rest of our business, it’s actually one of our leading areas.

Provides all the data and high-level metrics we need to make fast hiring decisions. Neuroworx have been particularly helpful in scaling our operations since we moved to remote working.

Greg, CEO, Reverse Media Group, Australia
Greg, CEO, Reverse Media Group, Australia


Reverse Media creates fast-moving, agile, online campaigns for its businesses, that capitalize on growing trends in existing, unsaturated markets. They have a portfolio of search, comparison and media-related websites currently live all over the globe. They primarily work in Search and Display advertising, continually experimenting with the evolution of these two channels.




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